Obtaining access to edit your personal page

There are two versions of your personal page on the HSE University website: the Russian and English versions. Your Russian profile will be generated automatically several days after your work contract takes effect. Once your profile is online, you can obtain access to edit it yourself. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Submit an application to the HSE University Online Media Office. 
    Sign in to your MyHSE Services Account. If you have trouble logging in, please contact digital@hse.ru.
  2. In your MyHSE Services Account, find the 'Corporate Portal' section and select 'Personal Profile Page'. You can edit your personal page here. If you encounter any difficulties at this stage, please send a request to HSE University website support. Russian-speaking users should apply via the service desk here. If you don't speak Russian or need our assistance, please contact Maria Nikitina via mpustovoyt@hse.ru

For employees: Note that access can only be granted after the HR department finishes processing all the relevant documents and your data appears in the HSE database (in other words, if you find your name on the general list of staff, then the data has been uploaded and you can get access to your personal profile page).

You can edit your personal webpage through your user profile on the HSE website. To open the English version of your personal webpage, you need to change its status manually (see the 'Editing your personal page' tab). It will then be checked by an editor of the English version and published online.

Personal pages can be edited by:

  1. The employee
  2. A representative of the employee (director, dean, vice rector)
  3. Editors of the department’s website (they are permitted to edit the department’s website and the personal pages of all its staff members)
  4. Employees responsible for personal pages (who edit staff personal pages in a given department)