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Regular version of the site

Obtaining access to edit your personal page

There are two versions of your personal page on the HSE website – Russian and English. Your Russian profile will be generated automatically several days after your work contract takes effect. Once your profile is online, you can be granted access to edit it yourself by submitting an application to the HSE Office of Online Media Resources at portal@hse.ru. Access to your user profile will be activated within one business day. 

Note that the access can only be granted after HR department finishes processing all relevant documents and your data appears in HSE database (in order words, if you find your name on the general list of staff it means that the data has been uploaded and you can get access to your personal profile page).

You can edit your personal webpage through your user profile on the HSE website. To open the English version of your personal webpage, you need to change its status manually (see below). It will then be checked by an English version editor and published online.

Personal pages can be edited by:

1. The employee

2. Representative of the employee (director, dean, vice rector)

3. Editor of the department’s website (they are granted rights to edit the department’s website and personal pages of all its staff members)

4. Person responsible for personal pages (who edits only personal pages of the staff in a given department)

 Personal profile access for staff members

For information about editing your personal page please contact Personal Profile Page Coordinators of your HSE department.

 Personal profile access for doctoral students

For information about editing your personal page please contact HSE Office of Doctoral Studies.

Personal profile access for students

If you are a graduate student, you'll need this personal profile only to apply for travel grants or to get access to editing your department's website. Information on other online services is available here.

What should you do if you can’t log into your HSE personal profile?

1. Make sure you access your personal profile page in the following way:

Click on this link to access the log-in page: http://www.hse.ru/en/user

Login: For employees: Enter the login you use for your HSE email account.

For students and postgrads: Enter the login that you submitted on your access request form. Check that you haven’t left spaces at the beginning or the end of your login, and that you haven’t entered any unacceptable letters or symbols.

Password: For employees: Enter the password you use for your HSE email account.

For students and postgrads: Enter the password that you submitted on your access request.

For employees: If you are informed that there is no such user with the login and password that you entered, check that you can still log into your HSE email (https://mail2.hse.ru/owa/). If you have saved your password in the field, then log out of your email and enter your password in again. If login to your email account fails, then get in touch with the service line (22222) to be granted access: https://it.hse.ru/#support.

For students and postgrads: If you can’t log into your profile, then create a new password and send it to: portal@hse.ru

2. Try updating your browser, as it may be outdated.

3. If you see a different message, send a print screen to us at: portal@hse.ru



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