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Support for working with the corporate portal

On this page you will find answers to questions concerning the work of the HSE University corporate website. If you need to access and edit your personal page, create a website, etc, then you are on the right page. Russian-speaking users should apply via the service desk here. If you don't speak Russian and have a question concerning website editing or need our assistance, please contact Maria Nikitina via mpustovoyt@hse.ru. We will be happy to help you.

  • Personal Profile Pages

    Tech Support

    All staff members are required to set up and develop their own personal profile pages. The access can only be granted after HR department finishes processing all relevant documents and your data appears in HSE database.

    Accessing the page

    Personal Profile Page Coordinators


    Instructions for editing personal pages

  • Publications

    Tech Support

    We maintain a database of academic publications on the HSE website. These are the publications shown on your personal pages, included in reports, etc. You can add information on your publications yourself (use login and password from your user profile on the HSE website).


    Instructions for adding publications

  • HSE Events

    ‍Tech Support

    If you plan to publish an announcement in the ‘Events’ section on the HSE main page, you will first need to post it on your department page and then send a link to your announcement via portalnews@hse.ru. Please note that announcements are published on ‘first come/first serve’ basis.

  • HSE University Style


    Updating the university’s corporate identity is a joint project of the HSE Public Relations Office and the HSE Art and Design School. Our aim was not full-scale rebranding (which would not benefit the university), but rather updating the existing logo and developing a contemporary corporate identity that draws on the best ideas in the field of visual communications.

  • Designated Coordinators

    Useful Contacts

    There are various information systems at HSE University. If you have a question about different aspects of working with these systems, please contact the designated coordinator in your subdivision.


    Personal profile page coordinators can help you with questions about making changes to your personal profile page on HSE website. 

    Editors of HSE subdivision websites are responsible for updating information on their division's website.

    Programme managers are responsible for timetables in the RUZ scheduling system.