Announcements on department pages and the HSE main page

How to publish an announcement on the HSE website

How to create an event webpage

How to publish an announcement on the HSE website

If you plan to publish an announcement in the ‘Events’ section on the HSE main page, you will first need to post it on your department page (please contact the editors of your departments), and then send a link to your announcement via HSE service desk.

Please note that announcements are published on ‘first come/first serve’ basis.

An application for an announcement’s publication may be a link to the announcement posted on your department’s website, or a link to an event website (a conference, forum, etc.).

Please make sure you don’t confuse announcements and news. Announcements inform viewers about upcoming events and invite them to participate, while news covers events that have already taken place.

Requirements for announcements:

  • event/announcement title;
  • organizers (HSE department);
  • brief summary;
  • keynote speakers (please indicate their academic degrees and departments);
  • place and time of the event;
  • who is invited (e.g., applicants, students, faculty, researchers, everyone, etc.));
  • working language of the event (if a foreign speaker takes part in the event, please indicate if translation is provided);
  • registration information if required;
  • contact information (where guests can apply for clarifications/passes).

According to HSE’s regulations, an announcement’s title should briefly cover the content of the event and should not exceed 70 characters with spaces (with the exception of conference titles with a large number of characters).

Announcements of English-language events must be published on the English version of the department’s website.

Publishing Russian texts on the English version of the website is not allowed (or English texts on its Russian version).

How to publish announcements on the website

Announcements on department websites shall be posted by department editors.

Instructions on how to create an announcement (in Russian)

How to create an event webpage

If your department is holding a major event, such as a conference or a summer school, and you want to post a lot of different information, you may apply for an event site.

The HSE website administrators will create a page and fill it with initial information. After that, the site will be edited by an assigned manager of the department. Website editors can provide consulting support.

Here’s some instructions on how to fill in the event site (in Russian).

Your application for a website should be sent to the service desk here and provide the following information:

  • preferred website address;
  • the event’s full title;
  • event dates;
  • address;
  • description of the event (for the main page);
  • contacts of the organizers;
  • name of the manager responsible for editing the site.
If you don't speak Russian or need our assistance, please contact Maria Nikitina via