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Regular version of the site


Our unit is responsible for developing the concept and structure of the HSE corporate website, and for supporting it. We develop the university website by maintaining and creating new sections, as well as launching webpages for departments, educational programmes, conferences, courses, and special projects. We publish news and announcements on the main page, teach staff members how to edit websites, and maintain several databases.

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Work on the website involves not only our unit, but also receives critical support from our colleagues in other departments.


News and announcements on the main page

The Public Relations Unit is the main supplier of news for the university website’s homepage. Without its contributions, the website wouldn’t be as exciting. If your department has news to share, don’t forget to let our colleagues know. We’ll help publish an announcement of your event.

In order to publish an announcement on the main page, please first publish an announcement on your department’s webpage and send a link to it to portalnews@hse.ru. You can also send an Microsoft Word file with the text of the announcement to this address.

Personal pages

Each staff member (whether a renowned professor, manager, accountant or programmer) has a personal page on the HSE website. As you look at the personal page, you can learn a researcher’s interests, subjects taught by a professor, or the responsibilities of an administrative staff member. The Russian version of the page is created automatically after an employee is hired and HR department processes all relevant documents. The English version is activated by the website editors.


Staff members are authorized to edit their own personal pages. If you want to edit your page, send a request at portal@hse.ru. Instructions on editing your personal page on the HSE website can be found here. If you have questions related to your personal profile page please contact the designated person in your division. Staff members are required to fill in the fields that are open for editing.

Database of publications

We maintain a database of academic publications on the HSE website. These are the publications shown on your personal pages, included in reports, etc.

You can add information on your publications yourself (use the login and password from your user profile on the HSE website), or send the completed forms (book, book chapter, article, working paper) by email to publications@hse.ru. Please note which publications are considered academic.

Database of courses

We provide technical support for the database of courses on the HSE website, although we take no responsibility for the course descriptions. All the information is uploaded automatically from the curricula and the ASAV comprehensive academic information system. The English name of the course reflected in the schedule is also uploaded from ASAV.

Exception: information on curricula authors and files with course curricula are downloaded to the database of courses by designated staff members in departments. It is essential that course information is completed in full.

If you are a designated person from your department, please contact us at portal@hse.ru to obtain the authorization.

Department and educational programme websites

We work on the websites of departments, programmes, events and projects together with staff members from these departments.

Each department automatically receives a website in Russian after it is registered in the administrative system. Websites are also opened for educational programmes, but only after they appear in the ASAV system (otherwise, the curricula and schedule won’t be reflected).

We can help you create an English version of your department or laboratory website. To create an English version, you must prepare the contents for your website. To create an English-language website for your department, please contact Maria Besova at mbesova@hse.ru.

As long as you have contents for a site, we can help you create websites for workshops, short-term schools and other events. We do not activate empty websites (stating ‘Under construction’).

We complete the website initially and then only provide technical support. Keeping the website up to date is the responsibility of the department for which the website has been created.

If you would like to create a website, please contact us at portal@hse.ru.

English version of the HSE website

The English-language website of the Higher School of Economics was ranked first among websites of Russian universities by the Russian International Affairs Council in 2015.

We translate the news for the website’s main page, and we can also help translate the key information for a department’s website (‘About’, ‘Research’ and other sections that don’t need to be updated often). Departments are responsible for translating their news, announcements and other texts. We also publish announcements of English-language events in the main feed and activate English versions of personal pages.

We make sure to activate English versions for those departments that are active internationally and/or work with international organizations, students and professors, as well as for the programmes that offer instruction in English. In other cases, an English version is activated only if the department is ready to regularly update it themselves.

When you prepare texts for your website in English, please follow the guidelines of the HSE Thesaurus and Style Guide.

Figures & Facts section

Something is always changing at HSE: new programmes are being launched, research is being carried out, and new departments are appearing. The HSE Analytical Centre helps us prepare statistical information about university life.

When you use figures in articles or interviews, please verify with us or with the Analytical Centre, whether these numbers will be updated in the near future.

Anti-plagiarism system

We provide HSE lecturers with rights to use the anti-plagiarism system to check student papers written in Russian. To be granted access, please send a request to antiplagiat@hse.ru.

English-language papers can be verified through the Turnitin service, which is accessible through the LMS. Please contact education programme managers for more information on using the service.


We can authorize you to complete the following online reports:

We can tell you how to upload the information, but can’t tell you what specifically should be in the report. Staff members from the relevant departments can help you with this.

To obtain access to the report, contact us at portal@hse.ru.

Please indicate what report you are responsible for. Some reports are submitted simultaneously, and it’s difficult to understand what report you may be referring to.

New features on the website

The website is developed by the Online Media Development and Support Unit. If you have a reasonable need for a new feature, we are happy to work with you. Before the discussion, please try to summarize your key requirements and consider what systems inside the university they might impact.

If you have read all of the above and still cannot find an answer to your question, please contact Dmitry Koptyubenko, Director for Online Media.


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